Welcome Friends, Family and Fellow Adventurers!


Awesome to see you here! Kurt (the husband) and I (Natalie….the wife) are excited to take you with us as we take off for another whirlwind adventure with our trustee motorcycles! After 9 wonderful and spontaneous years together our biggest adventure yet is upon us and will  begin on April 28th 2012. Planning around 15,000 kms in 7 short weeks riding from Chicago to Los Angeles on Route 66, North on Highway 1 along to the west coast to Vancouver and then back home through the Northern States to Waterloo, Ontario we are pumped to see everything we can including breathtaking natural landscapes, cheesy tourist traps, bucket list worthy cities and coastlines and so much more.


Stay tuned for video and blog updates as often as we can! Also, you can click on “Follow us” and there will be a live action map that updates our location every 10 minutes during the hours we are on the road!


Thanks for all of your support and love and we can’t wait to see all of our family and friends at the end of June!






  1. rebecca
    26 April 12, 5:38pm

    Love it, when you get back you will have to sit with me and tell me how this all works, Darren and I would like to document a backcountry camping trip with our girls!

    HAve a fantastic journey

    • Natalie Brown
      28 April 12, 11:34am

      Sounds like a good plan Rebecca!!! I’m sure we will be in dire need of talking to people other than each other by the time we get back ;)

  2. Simon
    29 April 12, 9:13pm

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for the great party on Friday!
    I see you already made it to Chicago. Have fun and be safe!

    @ Kurt: Registration for Camp NL is now open: http://www.of4wd.com
    Let me know if you want me to sign you up, or if you will do it yourself.


  3. Mary Dawson
    30 April 12, 9:13pm

    Hi Nat and Kurt:
    I am so envious. Wish I was with you but it is your honeymoon:) Have a wonderful trip. Heard from Monique that the bell all ready came in handy. Be safe. Love Mary

    • Natalie
      01 May 12, 12:25am

      Great to hear from you Mary! And yes I am convinced the bell saved my wallet after a very stupid moment not closing my saddle bags :)

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