A vacation from our vacation

by Natalie

We woke up pretty beat up and exhausted from yesterday’s high winds on the roads. We made the executive decision to stay put and have some time sleeping in and vegging out. A note to future route 66ers….you cannot ride straight through and enjoy yourselves, take some time to smell the roses and relax.

We did manage to cram in some excitement without having to sit on our bikes for long. We wandered over to the Cadillac Ranch where a local eccentric has jammed 10 old Cadillacs into the ground so that their tail ends stick up in the air (apparently at the exact a angle of the Egyptian pyramids). We went armed with cans of spray paint as the ranch is a place of living art. Everyone adds their flare to the cars leaving behind a magical mosaic of colors, words and pictures. We went with some trustee white and red paint and turned one of the cars into a Canadian shrine. We gave our best attempts at painting a Canadian flag (quite the task with 1 dollar spray paint) and professed our love for each other in written word.

Just when we thought the days excitement was over our old friend Dale (who we met at our hotel last night) took us out for some local eats and drink at a fabulous little tavern downtown amarillo. He is our newest unofficial tour guide sharing amazing stories and adventures that sound like they are right out of a movie. We are armed with his advice and recommendations and feel prepared to face the rest of our journey. Thanks for everything Dale and safe travels home!

Now with clean laundry and a new skip in our step we are looking forward to the next leg of our journey tomorrow!

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