Are we still in California?

by Natalie

Well it’s been two weeks since we entered the Golden State and we have enjoyed almost every minute! Unfortunately Kurt has a bit of a flu and we have been hunkered down in Willits California just shy of the Redwoods for two days. I promise I’ve been taking really good care of him and have been providing the appropriate amount of “poor little bunnies” to help him over his terrible man cold :)


But! before he started feeling bad we had a wonderful time cruising from Bridgeport to here through the mountains. We left Bridgeport and didn’t have much of an idea of what the plan was. We were starting to feel the crunch of getting home in time for me to get back to work and to get see our family and get our puppy! So we headed North to Lake Tahoe and had no idea what would come next.


The ride through the mountains was as pretty as anything we have seen yet, maybe even more! I’m surprised I didn’t eat more bugs with the amount of time I spent with my mouth open in awe. We stopped at lots of view points and just stood in silent awe of our natural world. As we arrived in Lake Tahoe and road the western shore all the way up I thought it’s nice to get to a place and really understand what all the hype is about. Standing on the shore of the Lake completely surrounded by White Cap mountains you feel very small in comparison to the vast world of your surroundings.


We grabbed some happy hour food and drink at a swanky little place right on the lake and just took it all in. But alas it was not time to rest our heads so we had to figure out what was next. In what was likely our 1547th wind of the trip we threw caution to the wind and decided that even if it meant a little rushing at the end of the trip we were going to head west again and catch those elusive giant redwoods. So with a new found energy and excitement we hopped on the beautiful hwy 89 and started winding our way back to the coast. We made it as far as Nevada City California and found ourselves a campground. As we were trying to get our bearings this fabulous bearded man appeared and told us that he had to leave his campsite early but it was ours if we wanted it, stocked with wood at that! As this was the nicest thing anyone has done for us so far we took him up on his offer and headed down to Scott’s Flats campground down on a little lake. But of course bureaucracy doesn’t work that way and the campground staff wouldn’t give us his site for free…argh….but he did just count us as extra cars so it wasn’t too bad!


When we finally got down to our site we realized that not only were we the only people in the campground but our site was directly on the lake. It was magical. After grabbing a quick bite at the local pub and listening to the amazing musical creation of Three Times Through, we wandered back to our site, had a fire by the lake and slept like babies to the sound of the water lapping beside our tent. At about 5 am I woke up, unzipped my window and watched the sunrise over the lake before closing my eyes for a few more hours.

We got packed up and back on the road! Unfortunately it was that morning that Kurt started to feel sick. So we put as many miles on as we could before Kurt couldn’t go any longer. We stopped in Willits, just an hour South of the Avenue of the Giants and did a whole lot of nothing (which I appreciated even though I am not sick). Today we woke up and he still wasn’t feeling great so we stuck around to today and watched the nailbiter finals for the National middle school history bee (lol) and now we are watching a marathon of the Hatfield and McKoy’s History channel special. I am almost unable to handle all of the excitement :)


So fingers crossed that my poor little bunny feels better in the morning and we will throw our legs over the bikes and ride North to see what lies ahead! After two weeks in this beautiful state perhaps tomorrow we will see it in our rearview mirrors as we make distance on this cross country trip of ours :)



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  1. Terri
    07 June 12, 8:01pm

    Great story telling and awesome videos and pics.. thanks so much for taking me with you.. if only via web!! It’s been amazing keeping up with you guys!! Sooo happy for you! (ok and a little pinch of envy.. but so much love attached to it! lol) safe travels!

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