Blizzards and rainbows

by Natalie

When I woke i was ready for the day! Finally the stomach bug was behind us and we could get some miles done. So we packed up and headed into Oregon to see what all the fuss was about. We rode the coast for another few hours and saw some pretty amazing views. This part of the coast was filled with lagoons and marshes making for a very peter pan’ish sort of feel.


But unfortunately the rain did not want to give us a break. So although i no longer had a sick hubby….I had a grumpy one. Whenever I would get close enough to hear him I would say something happy like “did you see the beautiful deer”, or “you know what song I keep singing? Nkotb funky funky Christmas”….all I would get in response was a growl. So we pushed through hour after hour of the cold and the wet. Finally we were able to find Kurt some gloves to replace his lost ones and it was perfect timing for what was to come.

We decided we were going to make it to crater lake so we called ahead and booked ourselves a room in the lodge so we had no excuse to stop early. So onward we went. This is when the greatest moment of my life occurred… I already told you Kurt was a grumpy man. Now picture this. The road is slick and Kurt’s trailer is spraying up a crazy amount of water and showering me more than the rain is. But then the sun comes out. And all of a sudden the spouts of water turned into beautiful rainbows. And then folks, all I could see was my grumpy husband pooping out rainbows while super Mario kart played in my head. I was cold and wet yet I laughed hysterically for the 10 or so minutes that this went on for. Greatest day ever.

To finish off our day just as we thought we had seen the worst of the weather. We pulled into the last town before crater lake to get gas. And to our surprise the locals told us it was snowing up in the mountain! Excuse me?! It’s June! But what could we do? We already had reservations up there. So Kurt as grumpy as ever led the way into the strangest bike ride of my life. Now remember at this point our clothes and gloves are soaked right through. And then the snow starts. To our surprise it was not the light fluffy stuff but a crazy full blown white out blizzard. Our wet clothes started to freeze solid and it became progressively more difficult to clutch and break. With only five miles left we had to pull over and hold our near frozen hands over our bike pipes. When we finally made it to the lodge we looked like the scene in dumb and dumber with snow cake on very part of our body and likely snot frozen on our face… We sure got some funny looks from the tame crowd at the fancy lodge!


It was so snowy we couldn’t actually see the lake but we enjoyed a fancy dinner and some nice drinks by the oversized fireplace. This is what we will from here forward refer as our first anniversary ;)

luckily when we woke up the clouds had lifted and we got to take the lake in in it’s full beauty. This I won’t even try and describe. Go watch the latest video…that’s an order. There was so much snow on the ground we couldn’t see out our ground floor windows there had to be 10 feet. So this was a notch on our belt bridging bikes in a blizzard…


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