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-Nat & Kurt










  1. MOM
    11 May 12, 2:10am

    Hilarious video Kurt!! That harley sounded like Willy Nelson eh? I enjoyed that for sure. Poor Nat got picked on lol. They were quite the couple eh?

  2. Viveca
    11 May 12, 1:46pm

    Oh wow episode 3 is pretty much the most insane thing i have ever seen. What’s funny is if you listen really carefully i’m pretty sure the owner (man) was educated and not as back country red neck as he made himself out to be. Needless to say even though i have spoken to you since this was filmed i was still hanging onto every word and at the ready to call the police if the owner had decide to take natalie as his “purdy teenage bride”. Natalie for future reference maybe dont get on a bed with random scary rednecks. Miss you guys!

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