Hanging with giants

by Natalie

After days of fighting west again and nursing a sick husband we finally made it to the infamous coastal redwoods! And it was worth all the struggle.

Our first stop of the day was at the drive thru tree. A 2400 year old redwood that some smarty pants from the 30s thought cutting a hole in the bottom was a great idea. Surprisingly the giant is still alive and we got to drive right through it! Kurt was giddy like a 12 year old girl and I thought it was pretty cool too. We watched vans and trucks try to squeeze through and while some made it, many others decided against it. Another day I was glad to be on a motorcycle.


Next we veered off the highway to ride the avenue of giants; a30 mile stretch of windy beautiful road that is lined with the tallest most magnificent trees I have ever seen. It takes a lot to make Kurt look small but these guys managed to do just that.


Natalie the Tree HuggerKurt the tree bully

Just when I thought the beauty of the day was done we got back on the highway, entered Redwood national park and emerged back on the northern California beach. With the heavy mist and overcast sky the view was more than breathtaking. It was downright out of this world. It looked like what I would imagine Ireland to look like before the morning fog lifts but with magic at work. I could have stayed there forever.

Then as has been the theme all week we got rained on. And then rained on some more. So we gave up and tucked ourselves away at Kurt’s favorite hotel (the holiday inn express) in Mckinleyville California. And good timing it was because that stomach flu that Kurt had…hit me. So I spent the evening hugging the toilet and Kurt had to take care of me. Great way to ring in a year of marriage!

At midnight as I finally started to feel better we wished each other a happy anniversary. We stuck around for another day so Kurt could nurse me back to health. We vowed to overlook that this was in fact our anniversary and we would “reschedule” for the next day…can you blame us?

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