How do I love you New Mexico, let me count the ways

by Natalie

Yesterday was one heck of a day of riding! We rode from Moriarty to Gallup New Mexico. This state has continued to surprise me with its beauty. The rolling hills, red rock and desert is so much more amazing than I ever could imagine. At one point we ended up on an older part of Route 66, across an incredible bridge and onto the bumpiest dirt road in history. We stopped right in the middle of the road with desert and mountains surrounding us 360 degrees. We could see for miles down the road in both directions and didn’t see a car for the 30 minutes we stopped. It was so amazing that we skyped both our families to show them how incredible NM really is! Since there wasn’t civilization for miles and miles I decided it was a good time for a pit stop….in the desert….which didn’t phase me until we got back on the bike and saw a crazy snake that lunged at Kurt’s bike as we went by….Guess I should watch where I take pit stops! 


We were so glad we had a camera strapped to our head since we won’t be able to capture that kind of beauty in words. Route 66 follows the natural lay of the land since when it was initially built they didn’t have the technology to build the road in a straight line through the hills and such. So at one point we had to wind around the beautiful red cliffs, up, down and around. Kurt and I were so excited we high fived when we finished!


We did manage to get the video we’ve been talking about with the Mediocre Music Makers from Erick Oklahoma, so please go check it out under episodes if you have a few minutes. The singing in the middle is totally worth it!


We spent the night in Gallup, NM with a view of the beautiful cliffs, and are now planning to veer of Route 66 for a couple of days to check out Monument Valley. We will be heading basically straight North today for a couple of hundred miles with the promise of incredible camping under the stars in the Navajo Nation.


I knew this day would come, but my stupid back has completely seized up (trying to put my socks on….) so we will take today at my pace and fingers crossed that sitting on the bike doesn’t hurt too much!


We are thinking we probably won’t have access to the internet tonight so you may have to wait until tomorrow to hear about Monument Valley and the incredible camping :)


Until then, I bid you adieu :)

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