Oh route 66, we “never want to run around and desert you!”

by Natalie

WE MADE IT!!!! After the slowest 50 miles of the trip coming through LA county and getting lost about 15 times we finally pulled into the Santa Monica pier and took exuberantly high fives as we took a picture of the END of Route 66!


Can you tell we're excited to be finished Route 66?!?!


We left Barstow this morning and took in the rest of route 66 in another day of excruciating heat. In Victorville we spent some time wandering the last Route 66 museum we would see and saw some incredible old cars that I cant believe were able to make this incredible trekk. We got into the outskirts of LA county at around three and realized we had already missed the turnoff for Route 66 from the freeway. So we stopped and stared at the map….forever trying to make sense of the craziness. Out of the last 50 miles I’d say we missed half of them because it was so poorly signed and so weird! But regardless of 66 we got to cruise sunset blvd, and santa Monica blvd, touring through Pasadena, Beverly hills, past rodeo drive and Hollywood and right down to the pacific ocean. So even though we were hot, sweaty and grumpy for much of the day we couldn’t help the exhilaration that started to build as we realized how close we were to the end of this road we had already spent three weeks on.

We pulled into the pier just after sunset and skyped both sets of parents to show off our excited faces. We couldn’t stop smiling and high fiving. I think we were pretty darned impressed with ourselves! We wandered down to the ocean and stuck our fingers in (we still had out biker boots on so toes were out of the question).

And you would think after all this time we would be ready to get far away from Route 66 but apparently we love the darned thing because we ended up backtracking 30 miles after dinner to stay at a 66 motor in called the saga hotel in Pasadena. They charge 66 bucks a night for folks who just finished the route so we figured we wouldn’t find a better deal than that!

I can’t seem to stop singing Rick Astley….. “never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you” oh route 66 how we have fallen in love with you! And now that we are on the coast with cooler weather we couldn’t be happier. Thanks Route 66 for your kindness, beauty, history, and new memories.

Trip Stats

8 states (officially but we also went to Utah and Nevada and started in michigan and indiana….so 12 total)
- Illinois, Missouri, kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, new Mexico, Arizona, California
23 days
1 wedding ceremony
Dozens of off roading kms
Countless moments of laugher and utter happiness.

Can’t wait for whats next….the pacific coast highway….leg 2 of 3!


  1. Ryan McCartney
    21 May 12, 11:01pm

    Great job guys! Glad you made the trek. We thought we were going to be as cool as you and took the hyundai to Chicago but chickened out and ended up back in Waterloo tonight! Stayed in the same hotel with Hillary, Obama, and Hamid Karzai though! Hope you enjoyed the heat and are ready for some mist and wind up the coast! enjoy HWY 1! Thanks for the updates!

  2. Allison Barker
    22 May 12, 7:50am

    Yay! You made it! What an amazing journey.

    If you’re going up PCH, make sure you take in Redwood National Park. It’s absolutely incredible and you won’t regret it!

    Can’t wait to hear all the stories that haven’t been shared on here!

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