So that’s Yosemite? (As jaw drops)

by Natalie

Just when I think I’ve seen so much beauty that I can’t take anymore we go to a place like Yosemite National Park. I probably looked like a small child at DisneyLand. Every time we went around a corner and a new view materialized my jaw would drop and I would say WOAH! (very similar to Joey Lawrence….) It really is heaven on earth!


We called Yosmite on the Saturday of Memorial weekend after we found out that campsites sell out in the first 7 minutes of becoming available back in Decemeber. And i thought what the heck, I’ll give it a try. And we managed to get a site that someone had cancelled for both Monday and Tuesday night. Apparently this is so rare at this time of the year that I got a whopping congratulations from the woman on the phone. So luck was on our side! We pulled into our campsite on Monday night after some of the most beautiful riding of the trip. We set up camp, stocked up on groceries, ice and wood and had a good old fashioned hot dog and smore roast before curling up to rest for our one and only full day in the park.


Since we didn’t have enough time to do the big hikes (until next time!) we hopped on an open air tour of the park. It took us around all of the famous places and viewpoints telling us amazing stories about how the park came to be (and became the model for National Parks everywhere) and how the fresh air healed people, engages folks of all different interests, and has gone from 55 visitors in 1864 to 4.1 million visitors last year!


The waterfalls were likely my favorite part of the tour. Both the bridalveil falls and the Yosemite Falls (the tallest waterfall in North America) were incredible. Both are very thin and misty looking and you could spend all day just staring into the mist completely mesmerized by nature. Although we didn’t see a bear we did see an incredible amount of deer and really fat squirrels. the wildlife is all around and you really do feel balanced and at one with nature when you are in the Yosemite Valley. The tour finished up at the Tunnel View where you get the postcard view of the park. You can see bridalveil falls, El Capitain, Half Dome and the whole valley. It almost doesn’t look real it is so perfect.


Kurt's head is blocking El Capitain but you can still see Half Dome :)

After the tour was done and we felt like we had finally experienced some of the park we went back to our campsite for hot dog roast #2 :) But the day was not done. We took a starry night tour after dark where we walked out into a meadow with a group of tourists and laid out on tarps to take in the incredible Yosemite night sky. Although our tour guide didn’t seem to know what she was talking about and used a laser pointer to point out the start she was talking about (which of course we couldn’t actually see) it didn’t matter because we were laying in the dark together seeing shooting stars, satellites and some of our favourite constellations. There couldn’t have been a better end to our Yosemite camping adventure.


Today we woke up, packed up our camping gear and hit the road. Instead of riding back the way we came we decided to take on Tioga Pass a 50 mile pass through the mountains that pops out just South of Lake Tahoe. And boy are we glad we did. The views of the mountains was breathtaking at every turn and hitting almost 10000 feet above sea level wasn’t too shabby either! Today was one of those days where my face was stuck in a perma grin because I just couldn’t believe that we were surrounded with such undisturbed beauty. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better we finished the road with the view of Mono Lake, the most pristine, and calm lake with extraordinary black and white rocks jutting up through the middle. Yet another day when the American Landscape has blown me away.


Funny feeling riding around in a t-shirt next to snowbanks in the mountain. This nearly hit Kurt in the head a few secondsI'M ON TOP OF THE WORLD!


We finished today in Bodie an authentic mining Ghost town in the mountains of California. It was neat to go inside the old houses and see how people lived back in the day, and to see all of the buildings still standing after all of this time. We rode out of Bodie on the most inspiring road of the day with whitecapped mountains in the distance and beautiful meadows at our feet…..sigh….


We are hunkered down now in Bridgeport where we had our first shower in days (ick) and washed ALL of our laundry so we can smell prettier for the days to come. And now after all this blogging my hands are all cramped up so I bid you adieu.


We miss all of you and will see you in a couple of weeks!!

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  1. Mom
    02 June 12, 11:53pm

    Reading your blog on Yosemite,accompanied by the background music from the American Memorial concert just brought me goosebumps. I felt like I was actually there, experiencing it with you. What great memories you two have created!!!! Many miles on your bikes, many treasures experienced, new friends made, many great memories that you will talk and think about for years to come. Proud of you two, love you both. Mom

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