‘Wide open Spaces’

by Natalie

Today we finished up the state of Texas and wandered into the beautiful state of new Mexico. The touristy highlight of the day was stoping at the mid point cafe in Adriana new Mexico where you are 1139 miles from Chicago and 1139 miles to Los Angeles; the official half way point of route 66! The actual highlight was the incredible views of the state from our little road. Wow!


Today was a big day of riding. We rode 420kms much of which was on dirt roads out in the middle of nowhere. We were so far into the ranches of new Mexico that everywhere we went there were cattle guards on the roads and signs to watch out for crossing cattle. The most magical moment happened on a little dirt road where we rode in sync with an antelope that was gracefully running down the middle of the road 15 feet in front of us. I named her lucy and she was awesome!


As this dirt road came to an end it turned into a tiny (motorcycle size) tunnel right under the interstate. It was so cool to ride through it!


For those of you who know me you know I had my last wisdom tooth out a week before we left on the trip. Yesterday it started to bother me again so my dad told me to get some antibacterial mouth wash. We headed over to an unnamed pharmacy (wouldn’t want to get anyone in trouble). I told them my issue and asked for the medicated mouthwash only to find out it is available by prescription only. Well shit…..but to my surprise the man behind the counter told me that if I sang some of the Canadian national anthem he would sell it to me anyway! Then, the pharmacist came out and asked if I wanted antibiotics, and I asked if I could get a prescription faxed. He said not to worry about it, he gave them to me and he didn’t even charge me for the! What just happened! Lol! A strange and magical experience. So I am healing up and hopefully won’t have to pay for an American doctor :)


Now We are in Moriarty new Mexico. Where we went out to experience some chicken friend steaks and local culture :) that’s all for now folks!

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