Yee-haw! We found the wild west!

by Natalie

The last two days we spent in Jackson Hole were some of the greatest of the trip! Between the gun fights, cowboys, and country dining and entertainment I did not want to leave this morning.


We arrived on Sunday night freezing and exhausted. I had been looking forward to this stop because on my most memorable childhood family trip we came through Wyoming and made a stop in Jackson Hole. So I told my parents I would retrace our steps starting with the same hotel. The only direction my parents gave me was it was a historic hotel near a pile of antlers…helpful. So we drove through town and low and behold there are giant arches made out of antlers circling the historic town square. So we looked around and saw the Wort Hotel on the edge of the block. When I walked in the front door I instantly knew that this was the spot. Little bits were familiar and I was excited to be back! Unfortunately the place costs 400$ a night….ouch. But we were in luck and they were close to empty since it was a Sunday and gave us a room for less than half the usual price and gave us a free upgrade to a suite! AMAZING!!! So there I was back where history was made, where I came up with my incredibly clever song “Just me and my Mommy” (yes those are all of the words to my song).


"Just me and my HUBBY"

The other thing my parents remembered about the town was the daily gunfight in the evening in the town square. I was not going to miss that! So we took a self-care day (I got a massage and had a jacuzzi and Kurt snuggled up and watched some TV) before we wandered through the Wild West downtown Jackson Hole. The town is just incredible and truly feels like the heart of the west. At 6 we wandered over to the town square and sat on the curb with the little kids to wait for the gun fight. With guns a blazing actors swarmed the streets playing out the story of a crooked mayor and sheriff fighting against the outlaws. It was quite amusing (albeit a bit cheesy). And unfortunately our camera was full so we don’t have any pics to prove it….


But that’s ok because we finished the night with dinner and a show at the Jackson Hole Playhouse showing Cat Balou: A ballad!!! And if any of you don’t know Cat Balou then you have obviously not met my father. He has an eccentric taste in movies and I can quite seriously say I was raised on three movies that he played over and over and over again; Mr. Destiny with John Belushi, The 5th element with Bruce Willis….and Cat Balou with Jane Fonda. It was a staple of the Brown’s household, so imagine my surprise when I see that it has been made in to a musical! There was no stopping me from buying tickets. So the evening started with dinner at the playhouse saloon. Our waiters sang and danced in their wild west outfits and professed their love to us through song. It was amazing. Then we wandered into the theatre where we were the only two people that had purchased the VIP tickets in the front row where audience interaction had been promised….Kurt was not pleased as we were basically sitting on the stage and he did not want to get dragged up there. Lucky for him some teenagers snuck into the front row and took the attention away from him.


The show was incredible! Kid Shelleen’s┬ácharacter (initially played by Lee Marvin) was HILARIOUS!!! No one should be able to act drunk as well as that guy did. We laughed and cried and just throroughly enjoyed the show. They took some liberties with the stories but kept some of the key comedic moments and the wonderful characters. And let me tell you it is not every day that a crazy hired gun with a tinfoil nose tells me my eyes are beautiful….like hungry dogs. I snuck some videos so hopefully we get them up since I’m sure I have not given it justice. Oh and did I mention the actors on the stage were the same folks from the gun fight, and our waiters?! loL! It was incestuous and hilarious. One of the guys was even a waiter for us at breakfast at a different restaurant! Gotta love small towns.


Anyway, I am truly enamoured with Jackson Hole Wyoming “The Best and Last of the West”

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