Yellowstone National Park, to be renamed immediately to Shoots Water National Park

by Natalie

We left Jackson Hole this morning (sadly) and headed due North to ride through the Tetons and Yellowstone National Park. Now before I sound like a bratty child I should mention that we have seen some pretty incredibly, beautiful, breathtaking places over the last few weeks. And Yellowstone didn’t quite live up to them.


We didn’t take the time to explore the hole park (could spend a week going to all the different parts, it is really quite huge). So we drove in the South entrance and straight over to Old Faithful. We managed to arrive only a few minutes before it was due to erupt so we waited on the edge of our tree branch. And when it erupted it was pretty neat to watch. Old faithful is the most frequent and consistent geyser at Yellowstone and shoots between 100 to 180 ft in the air approximately every 1 1/2 every day forever. However, it is not the biggest. But you’d wait a long time as the biggest only goes off a couple of times a year :)


But after seeing Old Faithful we didn’t really know what to do next, so we wandered on the boardwalks and looked at some of the smaller geysers and some of the hot springs. Mostly it just is bubbling water and sulfur smells. But when you really think about WHY this is happening it suddenly makes it really cool. We were standing in a crater created by an ancient (still active) super volcano, that if it every erupted again it could wipe out the human race. Makes you feel insignificant!


We needed to get East of the park to find somewhere to sleep so we headed towards the East Entrance. On the way we stopped at the West Thumb geyser basin to take in the beautiful view (there is something about mixing lakes and mountains into the same view that just makes me smile). As we wandered down to the lake past some pretty incredible hot springs we noticed that there were 5 elk shockingly close to all of the people. We just stood close enough to touch them and watched them eat, drink, (among other bodily functions) and walk up and down the boardwalk for the people. It was truly incredible to see such large and graceful animals so close to a group of people. It was Kurt’s first time seeing an Elk so he had a ridiculous grin on his face and it made my day.


The rest of our drive out was absolutely incredible and Yellowstone got points back in my book. The Eastern Exit is one of the most beautiful roads we have ridden just packed right full of wildlife. We saw a handful more Elk along the roads, 3 bison all at different locations, a family of pronghorn mountain goats, some weird little things that I thought were beavers and Kurt thought were Badgers, and no bears. We kept our eyes peeled for the Grizzly Bears but to no avail. But the red mountain formations, rivers, waterfalls, and all different colours of rock and vegetation made for an incredible ride out.


Now we are in Cody Wyoming. Unfortunately we didn’t get here until about 9:30 and there are rodeos here EVER DAY! But we had already missed it….so we grabbed dinner and here I am, ready for bed!


Hopefully I’ll have energy to put some pics up soon. Miss you all and see you in a week! :)

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